Civet Cat - Escape From Luwak Planttion
Acrylic on Canvas


concrete jungle -

a commision work (group) for national art gallery.

this is my part.

95% complete. 

detail 01


top: iPhone3

bottom: iPhone4

limited copy

high quality - anti-scratch

RM80 (malaysia)

$30 (international)

place your order at :

Jelatek. End of October 2010

full wall from left naY2, damis, desyr (nuke), rash

full wall - session with PW

stick somewhere around melbourne

marker on door at itudio studio

cutout mag vol.01 issue 03

rough colouring. just for fun

acrylic on canvas



acrylic on canvas



abdulrashade x nookanooka

pic taken by ironiiris

@ space:cube eightyfourcube studio gallery

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